About us

Welcome to the Gujarat Blockchain Summit 2024, set in GIFT City, Gujarat's epicenter for technology and finance. This event delves into blockchain's transformative influence across sectors such as finance, education, and supply chain. A standout feature is the Demo Day, spotlighting innovative blockchain startups. GIFT City, renowned for its cutting-edge infrastructure, amplifies the summit's dedication to innovation and collaboration.

Organized by Giakaa, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic Blockchain community where innovation intertwines with empowerment. Together, with industry leaders, we aim to enhance Blockchain inclusivity and usher in a new era of technological advancement.

Join us in shaping Gujarat's decentralized future and unlocking the vast potential of blockchain.



Our vision for the Gujarat Blockchain Summit is to be a beacon for blockchain innovation, where leaders shape the future of technology. We aim to elevate Gujarat and GIFT City as global frontrunners in the digital and blockchain arena.



Aim to boost Gujarat's role as a blockchain pioneer, creating an engaging platform that brings together blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs,innovators and policymakers while enhancing collaboration and tech progress

Guiding Values

Fuelling Futures with Innovation
Dignifying Unity through Inclusivity
Weaving Connections with Collaboration
Empowering Visions & Potentials

Gujarat Blockchain Summit: Exploring the Theme

The Gujarat Blockchain Summit is not just an event, it's a revolution in technology. Central to its ethos is the commitment to achieving Net Zero, intertwined with empowering women in the tech industry. It embodies the drive towards environmental sustainability while championing the pivotal role of women in shaping a greener, tech-forward future.


Join us on this remarkable journey.

Let's sculpt the future together.